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attract larger audience to your physical or virtual events

A virtual event can often look regular until you engage a virtual event tech company like HOSTCLASS TECHNOLOGIES. Then you will discover the world of virtual events and its many fantastic opportunities. You could also think there’s nothing to worry about until you encounter hosting or engagement technicalities, which a tech solution company like HOSTCLASS TECHNOLOGIES would quickly address.

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How We Set About To Deliver Your Virtual Event

We take notes of your maximum anticipated Attendees to plan and hosting. We create custom Registration Forms which anticipated attendees would fill.
We take note of the number of panellists and if there are co-hosts or more than one hosts to plan suit.

We send Sneak Peeks and Teasers to target audience to entice them to register.
We custom Email Drip Campaigns to your prospects, existing clients and lead email lists.

We create and send automatic Email Reminders/Notification to registered attendees.
We provides escape rooms or practice rooms.
We market your event.

Bring Innovation to Your Conferences and Events

Let’s start the journey towards success and enhance for your conferences and events.  Take your physical and virtual meetings to the next level.

Dedicated Customer Rep

We provide tech support staff and customer service representative for your virtual event

Evaluation and Feedback

We provide the virtual event evaluation and feedback. Through any or both of; Live polling, Q&A session.

Audience Management

Eables host/audience’s succinct engagement during the live webinar like as screen sharing, File sharing, chat messaging tool .

Privacy and Controls

Your virtual event is ensured of its privacy and security. You have administrative controls over your virtual event.

Pricing Plan


TIer 1 ( Up to 300 participants, 20 event hours

29,000 Meetings/Webinars
  • Good service provider platform, but lacks branding and production value
  • For a smaller one day, two day or three day virtual meeting with group
  • Discussion and presentations, (General Sessions, panel discussions, breakouts, networking and opening videos)


TIer 2 ( Up to 300 participants, 20 event hours

55,000 Meetings/Webinars
  • Grade two would give you a more customized format that includes
  • Basic registration
  • Custom branding
  • Other added features


TIer 3 ( Up to 300 participants, 20 event hours

110,000 Meetings/Webinars
  • Custom registration and billing options (General Sessions, panel discussions, breakouts, networking and opening videos)
  • Interactive Breakout environments.
  • Exhibits
  • Reporting and analytics at the individual level
  • Sponsors booth
  • This grade level can be used for hundreds or thousands of attendees.